Pam Shank has specialized in children's watercolor portraits for many years, capturing the uniqueness of each client. The final works result from her relaxed photographic style using natural light and casual poses, combined with a seasoned mastery of watercolor techniques.

The portraits are life-sized, painted with  permanent pigments on fine watercolor paper, lasting a lifetime and beyond.
"Cameo Portraits" are loved for their simplicity and intimate approach to the face. The portraits are life-sized, so the actual painting may be 12X12" for a child's head, or up to 20X20" for an adult. The cameo is an affordable portrait size for families with several children, whether painted separately or grouped together in a single family portrait.
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"We love Berry's portrait and most importantly, Berry loves it! She is very proud and pleased with herself (like she had a role in painting it)! Thank you so much for the extra time you spent with us.  Many thanks!"
                          -Kathy Williamson. Laurinburg, NC